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We just finished production work on the English version of a stunning new film - "JUDGMENT!" It exposes the tricks used to concoct phony pictures of a nonexistent Serbian 'death camp' in 1992. These doctored images -- especially the famous emaciated man behind barbed wire -- were broadcast worldwide to dehumanize the Serbs. They led to the deaths of thousands and great suffering for millions of human beings.


We urge you: Buy this film today Give a copy to a friend who doesn't want to believe the mass media would fabricate phony atrocity pictures. Show this film on TV stations, show it to local organizations, get it reviewed in local papers. It will change people's minds. It will change your mind.


Last week the British alternative magazine, LM, was fined over $500 000 US for libel. LM had printed a story that that charged British news station ITN and reporters Penny Marshall and Ian Williams with fraud. LM said ITN had faked the "death camp" pictures to demonize the Serbs.

The Judge in the libel case admitted that ITN might have made some mistakes. But he argued: the LM people weren't in Bosnia that day. So how could LM be sure what was really happening there?

IN FACT another film crew was present the entire time. They filmed the footage used in "JUDGMENT!"

"JUDGMENT!" proves LM was simply telling the truth. "JUDGMENT!" proves Penny Marshall lied. "JUDGMENT!" shows how Marshall produced the picture that fooled the world and justified a war.

The ITN crew visited a POW center and a refugee camp. By sheer luck they were accompanied by a crew from Serbian television (RTS). The RTS crew filmed the ITN crew at work. Using this RTS footage, a small Yugoslav film studio has recreated the events of that day. Emperors-Clothes edited the Yugoslav movie to produce the English language film, "JUDGMENT!"

RTS is the TV station that NATO bombed in April, 1999, killing 20 people. The film is dedicated to those dead, whose murders began with the ITN pictures. We say this because the images that Penny Marshall fabricated in 1992 began the dehumanization of the Serbian people. ITN and Penny Marshall laid the political basis for the bombing of the Bosnian loyalist government and of Serbia itself a year ago.


1) The Loyalist ("Serbian") Authorities were humane.

From the pictures that ITN produced one would think that Marshall and her crew had sneaked into a death camp and shot their film when nobody was watching. Not so. The ITN crew visited two surprisingly casual and humane locations. They were protected but not controlled by the loyalist authorities whom they later compared to Nazi's.

2) Marshall KNEW the loyalists were humane.

She and the crew from RTS interviewed POWs', their wives, non-POW refugees, a doctor, at least one red cross worker, the commander of the POW Center. The film shows these interviews. Marshall simply suppressed this evidence of humane treatment. Instead she staged some pictures. These were then doctored to produce Nazi-like images for mass consumption. The height of cynicism and dishonesty.

3) The refugees SAID they were treated decently.

Marshall is shown arguing with one refugee. She tries to coerce the man to say something anti-Yugoslav. He refuses. "No, no," he protests vehemently. "Not a prison. No, no. REFUGEE center. They treat us very kind. No, no, very kind." Undeterred, Marshall used this very location to stage her phony death camp shots.

4) Marshall staged the death camp sequence seen around the world.

She went out of her way to film from inside an awkward storage area. Why? Because one side had what she wanted: a fence, mainly chicken wire but with a few strands of barbed wire at the top. Shooting through the barbed wire, Marshall talked to refugees OUTSIDE the fence. She then doctored the raw footage to produce false images of prisoners behind barbed wire.

5) Marshall and Ian Williams were filmed in the act of lying.

The amazing thing is -- the RTS people were filming a few feet away. They caught the same shots from a slightly different angle. They got pictures of Marshall, Ian Williams, a cameraman, a man holding a mike. You will see, step by step, just how Marshall doctored her pictures to produce the look of a Nazi death camp. That is, the film takes footage shot by RTS and then proceeds to alter it, as you watch, producing the phony ITN photos of Nazi-like atrocities.

This film will change people's minds.

It documents that Marshall and ITN have committed a crime against humanity: they lied to millions of people in order to justify war.

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