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Dear Reader,

Regarding three texts:

* "How Germany Has Empowered Arab Terror: The Case of the 'Humanitarian' Prisoner Exchange," to be posted at

* "Israeli Justice Minister Ramon: The Enemy on Top," to be posted at


* "The Sheba Farms Dispute and UN Treachery," to be posted at

all of which I expected to have posted sometime Monday, 14 August, I seem to have misestimated the time.  All three articles are in progress; all three include information that is presently hard to find, and useful; and I have mistakenly tried to work on all three at the same time, thinking they would be fast work, which has caused a bottle neck.

If you wish to notified when (and it will be soon) any or all of these articles are posted, please send an email to emperorsclothes@tenc.net and paste the title of the article or articles into the body of the email. (If you want me to send you the actual text of the article or articles, please write that in the email; otherwise I'll just inform you when they are posted.)

Again, my apologies, and thanks very much for your patience.

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes