Mr. Kenigs has 2nd thoughts
by Jared Israel (10-12-99)

"It is quite understandable." That has been the media slant when Albanians attack Kosovo Serbs. "What can you expect after what the Serbs have done?" Virtually every newspaper article modifies and thereby minimizes anti-Serbian terror with the word "revenge", as in: "An 81 year old Serbian grandmother was murdered in Pristina last night, while in other revenge attacks..." And we are told again and again that Milosevich's forces looted and murdered their way through the province (like Sherman, marching to the sea, I suppose).

That description of events persists despite the fact that Spanish forensic experts have reported finding no evidence of Serbian genocide in northern Kosovo (see note #1 at end). It persists in a fog of media stories like the "reliable reports" of Albanians having been dumped into the huge Trepca lead, gold and coal mine. It persists even though one after another, these stories are proven false:

  • "War crimes investigators have found nothing in the shaft of a Kosovo mine where hundreds of bodies were rumored to be hidden, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia said Monday. 'They found absolutely nothing. They didn't even find animal bones,'' tribunal spokeswoman Kelly Moore told Reuters." (Reuters, 10-11-99)

Mindful of our peace of mind, the media avoids disquieting facts. Among the facts so avoided is that the the US proxy force, the Kosovo Liberation Army has not only driven 90% of the Serbs out of Kosovo. They've also driven out: every Jew, most Roma ("Gypsies"), many Gorani (Slavic Muslims), vast numbers of non-KLA Albanians, and now, we learn, ethnic Egyptians too.

We're not talking here about being put on trains. We're talking about being surrounded by hostile gangs, being stoned on the street, being refused service in grocery stores (i.e., having no food), having their homes seized and rented or sold to others, being physically abused, watching helplessly as priceless churches are destroyed, as children are attacked, as females of all ages are assaulted; we are talking about people fleeing or living in fear of kidnap and murder if they choose to remain.

These people are Muslims as often as they are Orthodox Christian Serbs. Are we to believe that EVERYONE in Kosovo was involved in a conspiracy against ethnic Albanians, organized by Milosevich? Including other Muslims? Including - ethnic Albanians? Or is this "revenge" stuff simply a lie aimed at hiding a massive crime: the transformation of an ethnically tense part of Serbia into an ethnically pure nightmare of modern fascism? Was this perhaps what Pres. Clinton meant on May 23rd when he wrote:

"We are haunted by the images of people driven from their homes, pushing the elderly in wheelbarrows, telling stories of relatives murdered." (NY Times, Op-ed page, 5-23-99)

Was he in fact giving us a glimpse of a future which was planned, to be implemented once his side had won?

Meanwhile this from Tom Kenigs, close friend and adviser to Herr Fischer, the German Greens leader who hijacked that once pacifist party into supporting NATO's war. Kenigs, now assigned to create a 'civilian administration' (whatever that means) in a Kosovo where even some Albanian nationalists live in terror of the KLA - Kenigs has Second Thoughts. That is correct. He now wonders if he is on the right side. Kenigs is a modern man, a sensitive man, and his wonderings are right there, friend, right there in black and white: he shared his pain with der Speigel, the German magazine.

Perhaps he should share his dilemma with the dead Roma ("Gypsies"). After being robbed of their little bit of property, after their children were beaten by Kenigs' most likely 'civilian administrators', they fled Kosovo - but where could they go? Here was their dilemma: the civilized countries that have divvied up Kosovo have also barred Roma refugees because "the war is over." So these people boarded rickety boats the other day hoping to sneak into Italy and drowned in the Adriatic. Tsk tsk.

Or perhaps he should share his angst with the 150,000 Albanians driven from Kosovo where hundreds were murdered for standing up to KLA thugs. Or with Emperors-Clothes contributor Cedda Prlincevic, the Kosovo Jewish leader and archivist whose life in Kosovo has been destroyed; he'd be sympathetic I'm sure, Cedda and his relatives, they'd all like to know, don't forget his 81 year old mother, she and Cedda and all the hundreds of thousands of Cedda's, they would all be touched whether they are Gypsies or Egyptians they would be moved by Kenigs' inner pain whether they are Hungarians or Jews or Montenegrins or Gorani's or Albanians or Turks or - really, what difference does their ethnic background make, has the demonization gone so far that I have to prove they are not Serbs before we grant them the right to live in peace not locked in their houses not driven from their houses not assaulted on the street not kidnapped and slaughtered for having an incorrect culture or language or appearance or belief?

"My friend M.H. moves her children everyday to a different safe place. She tells them she is making some parties for them. We call it that, trying to calm them down. But the children are few. Perhaps many are locked in their flats for safety and we don't know they exist." (From "I cannot give it a name but it seems like hell" see Note # 2 at end)

"I often ask myself if I am on the right side," said Kenigs. (der Spiegel, 10-11-99)

Do you think this is a football match, Mr. Kenigs? It is fascism, most foul and you have backed the favorite, Mr. Kenigs. May the day come when you will answer your question before a court of law.


[Note from Links to first-hand accounts of terror in Kosovo - directed at Serbs AND non-Serbs - are provided at the end of this article. (See Note # 3)

The Tanjug piece below was received in English translation and was edited for grammar and readability, with respect for content.]


Skopje, Macedonia, Oct 8 (Tanjug) - Rubin Zemon, President of the Society of Egyptians in the Balkans, says Albanian terrorists have driven thousands of ethnic Egyptians from Kosovo. And KFOR [NATO] has not protected them.

At a Press Conference in Skopje today, Zemon said more than 150,000 Egyptians lived in Kosovo before the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia but now only a few remain and they are under virtual "house arrest."

"Fleeing from NATO bombs, we found shelter elsewhere in Europe. We returned to our homes when the bombing stopped but then the hardest time began: Albanian terrorists robbed our houses forcing us to flee again."

Instead of respecting UN Resolution 1224, KFOR [NATO] stood and observed. KFOR Commander Michael Jackson refused to talk, though an ethnic Egyptian delegation tried several times. They got the same treatment from other KFOR officials.

"Bernard Kouchner wouldn't talk and our letters went unanswered. The same was true with Carl Bild, Kofi Annan and Maarti Ahtisaari, though they had previously promised safety to all in Kosovo," said Ibraimov.

Cherim Abazi, Secretary of the Society of Kosovo Egyptians, emphasized that the US goal was made clear back in Rambouillet: the creation of a purely Albanian Kosovo. Unfortunately, he said, the European Union and UN have accepted this 'solution', and thus share responsibility for the forced exodus of all non-Albanians.

According to Secretary Abazi, Kosovo Egyptians are now dispersed throughout Europe. Several thousand are left in Urosevac [in Kosovo] many fewer in Pristina, the Province's capitol, while only a handful are left in the Kosovo cities of Prizren, Djakovica, Pec and Klina. These few can't leave their homes; their children are afraid to go to school; they receive none of the huge amounts of Western relief aid that is flowing into the Province.

The majority of the Kosovo Egyptians are now in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other Serbian cities. They've also found shelter in neighboring countries, especially Macedonia.


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