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Tel Aviv, February 24th 2000 (Tanjug) - NATO's attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is similar to Hitler's W.W.II onslaught argues historian Anat Peri in her article, "Let the truth be heard", published today in the eminent Israeli paper Haarec.

Along with the creation of the Independent State of Croatia under the clerical-fascist Ustashi and the handing over of Kosovo to a fascist Albanian regime, Hitler ordered that all the Serbs opposing Nazism be expelled. According to Peri, Germany and the US have encouraged the secession of Croatia and the expulsion of the Serbian population from Croatian territory, just as Hitler did.

The US provided the fascistic, secessionist Albanian army with arms, encouraged it to attack the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to take control of parts of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and to attack Serbian soldiers. America supported ethnic Albanian gangster-terrorists and accused ethnic Albanian intellectuals from Kosovo of cooperating with the Serbs, according to the Israeli historian.

Anat Peri states that Ibrahim Rugova, a leader of Kosovo ethnic Albanians, fears for his life because of the US-backed KLA terrorists. Under the patronage of the US government, these terrorists have become the murderers not only of Serbs, but also of Albanians opposing their violence. According to Peri, NATO's policies very much resemble Hitler's.

NATO's interest lies in provoking violence between the small nations that comprised Yugoslavia in order to enforce submission, says the Israeli historian.

In contrast to its claims, NATO aggression wasn't to protect ethnic Albanians; rather the purpose was to attack Russia's last ally in Europe. After the arrival of KFOR and UNMIK, the majority of the Serbian population has been expelled from Kosovo, the remaining Serbs are being murdered daily, while KFOR representatives are unconcerned, says Ms. Peri.


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Some Jewish leaders have actively engaged in Serb-bashing and even trivialized the Holocaust by comparing Yugoslavia's defense of its sovereignty to Hitler's attempt to create a nightmare world. But other Jewish intellectuals and leaders have spoken out in defense of truth and against anti-Serbian (that is, anti-Slav) racism. Here are some interesting examples:

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