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Why is Joe DioGuardi so happy?
by Jared Israel
[27 February 2000]

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Here's John McCain at a campaign rally with Joseph DioGuardi, a former Congressman and head of the Albanian political action committee which raised huge amounts for American politicians (for instance, Bob Dole) who in turn have supported the on-going attacks on Serbia.

Notice the scarf DioGuardi is wearing. That double-headed eagle was the insignia of the World War II Nazi Skanderbeg SS division. (See document on left; click to enlarge.) Among other achievements, this Nazi outfit massacred Kosovo's Jews in the streets of Pristina and shipped the survivors to the Bergen-Belsen and Treblinka death camps.

Why is McCain holding Presidential campaign rallies with this man who proudly sports a Nazi emblem? And why is DioGuardi so happy?
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