A Different Perspective
A few inappropriate thoughts

by Elizabeth Chung (3-29-00)

[Note to readers: Elizabeth Chung is an American writer living in Yugoslavia. We are hoping to publish her accounts of interactions with ordinary Yugoslavs so that the American people can better understand who this terrible enemy really is...]

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As an American who remained in Belgrade during the NATO bombardment I experienced American Foreign Policy from an unusual perspective. As I tried to tell many people in the USA, things look different from over here. Now it seems the latest U.S. foreign policy rage is to remove Slobodan Milosevic from office.

Personally I think this movement to remove the leader of another country from power is nothing more than a bait and switch tactic to bury a few more embarrassing questions. No American has a right to demand anything concerning internal Yugoslavian politics, but we do have a right to demand accountability for the actions of our leaders (supposedly our public SERVANTS) before, during, and after the NATO bombardment. So here are some questions.

What was the overt and covert relationship our government formed with the Kosovo Liberation Army, the KLA?

We are starting to hear excuses...about a lack of knowledge and foresight on the part of Dr. Albright and the other members of the State Department. We need some definite answers.

Dr. Albright, did you have any idea that KLA would press a program of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo? Assuming that the answer is "No," my next question must be: "Dr. Albright, how could you have failed to foresee that? Have you never seen an Albanian immigrant newspaper calling for a Serb-free Kosovo? Have you never seen the maps in those newspapers depicting a Greater Albania? Have you never read any of the dispatches in the New York Times from 1980 to 1989, describing the organized terror against ethnic Serbs before the exceptional political power of province of Kosovo was reduced? Were you unaware that the roads through Kosovo are prime routes for the smuggling of heroin?

Didn't you ever read the program of the KLA?

Dr. Albright, if you have not checked this information, I would suggest you are incompetent and have failed to serve the American people. I suggest you step down.

Then there's the Chinese Embassy. I realize this is yesterday's news but believe it or not, attacks on embassies are taken seriously elsewhere. Can I direct your thoughts back to our own embassy in Tehran? First of all, I want to know who is the incompetent who did not know where the Chinese Embassy was located? The name, please. Any person so uniformed also needs to be relieved of responsibility.

Second, I think there should be a Congressional investigate of this supposed faux pas. The truth needs to come out. To be quite honest, I cannot believe this was a mistake. Perhaps this is because I live less than 150 meters from the embassy and the explosion will live on forever inside my head, but I keep asking: is it possible that not a single NATO country knew the location of the Chinese Embassy? You know, in Belgrade, which they were bombing?

But then I ask: Why would they bomb it on purpose? What a foolhardy move!

However, I did find one tiny clue. I keep reading stories in the U.S. press about some technology the Chinese are supposed to have "stolen" from us. It's never quite clear what the technology was, but they definitely stole it. In one story an expert stated that the stolen info was of little value as long as the Chinese military didn't have a chance to use it.

Perhaps the Chinese didn't actually steal anything. Perhaps "stole from us" is the American establishment's way of describing scientific development carried out by a non-Western adversary, as in: you don't actually think THEY developed something clever on their own?

But aside from how the Chinese got this mysterious technology, maybe they were trying to implement some of it to track U.S. aircraft from inside the embassy in Belgrade to which the NATO leaders responded in advanced Western fashion by blowing it up.

I would like public interrogation of the pilot who flew that mission and then let's move up the chain of command until we locate the responsibility. After all folks, we PAID for it. Doesn't the act of payment imply the right/responsibility to know?

What about these claims about tens of thousands supposedly murdered in Kosovo? As we now know, those claims were lies. I'm not willing to bite my tongue because it is in bad taste to ask about bodies. I'm especially unwilling because we were whipped into a blood thirsty frenzy by the "ten (and hundred!) thousand dead" atrocity stories and I think we have a right several billion dollars and MUCH suffering later to ask: where did this mis-information came from?

In other words, thank God that none of the mass graves existed, but at the same time, the fear on the part of liberals and peaceniks to speak out against the bombing was based on the fact that many of us were afraid of what might be happening down there, and this fear was created in the daily NATO briefings.

Who was this "very good source" that was referred to repeatedly?

Finally, I want to know how much money the Albanian lobby has spent in our government. I want to know exactly who our government is serving. I want to trace the cash back. If money from Albanian sources is that sweet and precious, might I suggest our government officials pack their many suitcases and move it all to Albania. They could run for office over there. I understand Albania has lots of opportunities for an enterprising politician or perhaps they could even sign on with the ex-KLA people in the Kosovo interim government.

After all, service must have its rewards.


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