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Current US action in Mitrovica is the start of a military operation to expel the last Serbs from Kosovo except those confined to ghettos. The US government does not want the Serbs and other minorities in Mitrovica free, armed and defending themselves. That's why they supported the setup by the UCK [KLA] of war against the French troops, who were keeping the UCK in check. The US leaders didn't like that - hence the provocation against the French. The nightmare for the American elite is a division of Kosovo into Serbian and Albanian parts - they want all the Serbs out of Kosovo. At the same time it is becoming urgent for the US itself to leave because they are facing growing problems with the Albanians in their own sector, after the rape and killing of an 11 year old ethnic Albanian girl by an US soldier. Even the Washington Post mentions the problematic and dangerous situation of the US troops in the US sector.

So this whole Mitrovica situation serves as a concentrated effort to get out the remaining Serbs and other KLA-targeted minorities and to smooth over the contradictions in their own sector.

I see Mitrovica as the first step in a military operation which is planned for Montenegro and or/the southern approach to inner Serbia (that is, an invasion from the area to the north of Mitrovica). The US has one big problem - they gave police control to Eurocops. Who is sending police forces? Belgium, France, Spain, Germany - not the Dutch, English and US. So before pulling out, things have to be settled. That's the issue with Mitrovica. The US is using the UCK to do the dirty work.

This is not just a fight of NATO vs. Yugoslavia, like the bombing. Mitrovica is a fight between US and Europe. It is the key question. If the US wins, the Serbs will be locked up in Ghettos, reservations, the sort of places where one keeps other species - not "ourselves". This is what they mean by multiethnic society. Though various ethnic groups may be present, the term "multiethnic" is used in the most cynical way.

The biggest mistake the Europeans are making is thinking of the Americans as people without culture or history, boyish. Not so. American politicians are ruthless and very violent - that's the way they conquered the Northern part of America and that is the way they are operating in the Balkans. For them Albanians, Croatians, Moslems, whatever, are no different from those Indian tribes with whom they temporarily allied in the interests of the greater goal: to divide and conquer and destroy Indian power. The modern word for 'reservation' is 'protectorate'.

We are living under a system which is so cruel and so cynical and with governments that are so cowardly and lack any bones or decency - to use the Dutch word, they are farizeeŽr - hypocrites. The Dutch elite are a cowardly lot, hypocrites, servants; the rest, the mass of people, is angry, frustrated, confused, trying to understand, ready to fight.

Ready to fight.


Nico Varkevisser is Editor of "Targets", a Dutch monthly newspaper of International Affairs, and Director of Centrum Linx Internationaal.


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