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Note on why we removed this text by George Pumphrey

Dear Reader,

In the past, we published some writing by one George Pumphrey, challenging the claim that the Serbs committed genocide in Srebrenica.  At the time, Mr. Pumphrey was virtually alone outside Yugoslavia in producing a text challenging the massacre story. Subsequently, we published about a dozen pieces by various authors (including me) arguing against the massacre line.  Personally, I think these later articles are more readable and better argued than Pumphrey's, but that is beside the point: we didn't remove Pumphrey's text from Emperor's Clothes because of their lack of readability or poor structure but because, in recent years, Pumphrey has joined in the worldwide campaign propagating antisemitic racism and calling for Israel's destruction (regarding which, the Jews would constitute collateral damage.) For example, he was one of the first to aggressively promote  Israel Shamir, whose writing imitates that of Nazi Alfred Rosenberg. Mr. Pumphrey is a bureaucrat in the German PDS, heir to the East German Communist Party. Sad to say, the PDS has distinguished itself by the fervor of its support for neo-liberal economic reforms that wreck havoc on the German working class while on an international level it supports Arab antisemitism and terror against Israel. As they say, the nut did not fall far from the tree.

The effort to link the defense of Serbs to fascism (with or without a pleasant Red veneer) is discussed in some Emperor's Clothes articles listed below. Following that, I have posted a list of articles challenging the official story on Srebrenica.

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes

A) On the organized effort to paint the Serbs as fascists by associating them with 'red-black' antisemites

1) Activist/Writer on Yugoslavia Agrees with Emperor's Clothes about Jacques Verges and Ramsey Clark: "I refuse to be tainted by association with Fascism"
By Colin Meade 

2) "Nazi Financier Francois Genoud has Bankrolled Lawyer Jacques Verges and also Muslim Terrorists: Who was Genoud?"
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser

* "Jacques Verges Says he's Milosevic's Attorney: It's a Lie,"
by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser

3) Our articles on Ramsey Clark, all written by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser:

* "Ramsey Clark Poses as Milosevic's Lawyer...
and then smears the "client" on nationwide U.S. television!"

* "More on how Ramsey Clark Attacked Milosevic at
the National Press Club,"

* "Ramsey Clark's IAC Accuses us of Slander, but they get the facts wrong..."
(Discusses Clark's June 29 2001 flight to Belgrade)

* "How Ramsey Clark Labored to Protect Nazi Émigrés"

4) Apologists for Fascism have become the Public Voice of Slobodan Milosevic,"
by Jared Israel 

Emperor's Clothes editor Jared Israel was a founder and, for two years, co-Chair of Milosevic's defense committee.  He was expelled from the committee when he refused to sanction keeping Ramsey Clark as the committee's honorary President. Jared Israel argued that Ramsey Clark was an apologist for Islamism (not to mention that Clark had publicly supported the media accusation that the Bosnian Serb leaders are war criminals) and that linking to him would dishonor the Serbian people.  Israel prepared a lengthy brief on Ramsey Clark, which Mr. Milosevic read. When it became clear that Milosevic would not dissociate from Clark, Israel wrote an open letter to Milosevic. 

5) "Milosevic must Dissociate from Tainted ‘Friends,’"
by Petar Makara (Makarov)

6) "Serbian condolences to the Jews for the life of Arafat,"
by Petar Makara

B) Emperor's Clothes articles on Srebrenica

1) “Why should one read articles refuting the Srebrenica massacre claim?”
by Jared Israel
Includes the suppressed UN report on genocide against Bosnian Serbs living near Srebrenica. With comments on the report by Petar Makara.
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom

2) Evidence that the supposed Srebrenica execution video is a fabrication:

"Srebrenica Srebrenica 'Execution' Video, Part 1: What I’ll prove and how I’ll do it,"
by Jared Israel
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom:

"Srebrenica 'Execution' Video, Part 2: Mission Impossible,"
by Jared Israel
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom:

"'Execution' Video, Part 3: The Media Moves Mountains,"
by Jared Israel
Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom: 

3) "UN Military Officer Carlos Branco asks, 'Was the Supposed Srebrenica Massacre a Hoax?'"
Comments by Jared Israel and Petar Makara

4) “Reporter's Account of Evening Spent with Commander of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica,” at

Oric's crimes are reminiscent of atrocities committed by Bosnia Muslim Waffen SS troops during World War II. During the 1990s some articles in a Sarajevo Muslim extremist newspaper fondly remembered the Nazi-organized Waffen SS, whose activities Oric emulated. These articles are translated, with comments, in "Himmler was their Defender," at

5) “Why has the War Crimes Tribunal suppressed testimony about Srebrenica?”
by Jared Israel and Max Sinclair

6) Below we've posted a series of communications, involving several emails, a NY Times article and an Emperor's Clothes reply to the Times article. The people involved are:
  -- David Rohde, the Christian Science Monitor (now New York Times) reporter who claimed he discovered mass graves containing victims of a supposed massacre in Srebrenica;
  -- Professor Drasko Jovanovic, a distinguished physicist;
  -- and Jared Israel and Max Sinclair, from Emperor's Clothes.

We've posted the texts in chronological order:

a.  David Rohde had been corresponding with Professor Jovanovic about Srebrenica.  Prof. Jovanovic sent Rohde an Emperor's Clothes article.  Rohde replied with an email criticizing the article.  This email is reprinted at

b.  Jovanovic sent Rohde's comments to Emperor's Clothes. Sinclair and Israel responded by email, posted at

c. Prof. Jovanovic also sent Emperor's Clothes a short memoir of his experiences as a boy in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia. It is posted at

d. Rohde then took his dispute with Emperor's Clothes to the pages of the NY Times.  Jared Israel responded at

e.  Prof. Jovanovic also replied to Rhode. Read his reply at

7) “The Deconstruction of a Trauma,”
by René Grémaux and Abe de Vries

8) “Five Years On & the Lies Continue,”
by Jared Israel

This article appeared in the summer of 2000 as a full page ad in the Sydney Herald (Australia) and the New York Post. 

9) “Thoughts On Srebrenica,”
by Sarah Standefer


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