Police spraying chemicals. Note the relaxed manner of the police. Does it appear they are being threatened? Protesters are sitting down, a classic non-violent tactic.

Interview with an MD who treated people injured in Seattle
(posted on www.emperors-clothes.com at 1 am 12-4-99)
by Jared Israel and Jim Desyllas

First, here is what happened according to Mayor Schell and the Seattle police Department:

  • Hospitals have treated dozens of people for an assortment of minor injuries. No one has been seriously harmed or killed, officials said...Mayor Schell also praised police for showing "extreme discipline and patience." City officials said that police fired tear gas at demonstrators in the Capitol Hill neighborhood only after some protesters in the crowd charged some officers and ignored repeated demands to disperse. (Washington Post, 12-3-99)

Newspapers and TV stations have mainly presented the above-quoted view alongside sinister and/or mocking reports of child-anarchists, and so on. The opposing point of view has mainly not been heard. To fill that void, here are excerpts from the emperors-clothes.com interview with Dr. Richard Deandrea. He came to Seattle from LA to protest against the WTO and ended up tending the wounded:

Jared: About these rubber bullets - what are they?

Dr. DeAndrea: They are made of polyester type material. They are like a hard plastic toy. The idea is to hit your body, do damage, not actually penetrate. But I did see penetration wounds, I did see people bleeding. I did see teeth loss, I did see broken bones. There were children present, there were families present, they were firing upon families, mothers, grandmothers,. They were just firing at them. They came out in full police force. It was very obvious that there was an institutional control that had no regard of human rights whatever...

They were shooting tear gas canisters directly at protesters' faces. [Regarding the plastic, bullets, here is] some of the damage I saw: these plastic bullets took off part of one person's jaw, smashed teeth in other people's mouths.

Seated protesters being gassed

Dr. DeAndrea: We're treating people in a studio loft downtown. I just treated an ear wound. People have been treated for concussion injuries. There have been people who have been treated for plastic bullet wounds. Lots of tear gas injuries, lots of damage to cornea, lots of damage to the eyes and skins. They were using a pepper spray, a tear gas and they were also using some sort of nerve gas. We had reports of many demonstrators winding up with seizures the next day. It causes muscles to clamp up, muscle contraction, seizures.

They have done several illegal things regarding these people in jail. They have been telling them that they would not be let out, not have their bail set if they didn't give their names. [Note: protesters have refused to give their names on the grounds that they do not have to speak unless they have a lawyer present.] It's their legal right not to give their name. They don't have to speak at all. Attorneys came up and said we are representing these people; the police called [them] ...liars. At this point they have still refused to let any of ...[the attorneys] see their clients.

There are close to 600 people who were arrested and they have been holding them for two days on charges that are mostly misdemeanors, such as refusal to disperse. A lot of people in there have not gotten medical attention either. I have spoken to young ladies in there who have had all sorts of emotional problems as well as physical problems. They have called me for medical attention from inside the jail. There are people in there who have not even been processed.

Policeman fires point-blank at seated protesters

Dr. DeAndrea: Today there were fewer attacks by police, but they did arrest [some] more people. And there was no violence today by the marchers; all through the day yesterday it was the same. What you are seeing on television about looting and anarchistic protesters - there's a straight-out blackout and they are basically pushing that [line]. There is not much damage to property here. There are not many windows that have been damaged or stores that have been looted. Those are extremely rare cases.

I used to believe newspapers were telling the truth. But now I am no longer behind that. I think, after what I've seen, that unless people defend their individual rights, we are heading for a police state.


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