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The Emperor's Clothes movie Judgment! proves the Western media lied about Bosnia. More about Judgment! and how to order following the letter and reply, below.

A Los Angeles Reader Asks: Are you For or Against Saddam Hussein? Are you For or Against the Proposed war?

Jared Israel Replies: Emperor's Clothes is Against the Projected War and Against Hussein.

[Posted 31 December 2002]

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

Let me get this off my chest: are you guys schizophrenic? You oppose anti-Semitism - right? Or am I wrong? Anyway you oppose ancient anti-Semitism. And you oppose attacking Iraq and you support Saddam Hussein, or you seem to - or do you? You said he's been demonized like Milosevic, right? Or did you not say that? Can you clarify these things?! Here is a write-up from Iraq Report, 10 November 2000, Volume 3, Number 37:

[Start Iraq Report]

"BAGHDAD LASHES OUT AT ISRAEL. Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz told an international seminar on the occasion of the 1,200th anniversary of the Abbaside Bayt Al-Hikmah (House of Wisdom) that "the struggle we are now waging in Iraq and Palestine is not a struggle over land and resources...it is a struggle between two civilizations"...Meanwhile, Izzat Ibrahim, deputy secretary of the Iraq Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'th Party, discussed with Ba'th Party officials and secretaries of the party branches the different ways to train Iraqi jihad volunteers to liberate Palestine from "the claws of the lowly Jews, who are descendants of monkeys and pigs and worshippers of the infidel tyrant," according to a report on Baghdad Radio on 6 November. (David Nissman)"

[End Iraq Report]

The "claws of the lowly Jews"! Do you deny the accuracy of the above? Does Emperor's Clothes claim it is just made up? Do you have two personalities?

I hope you respond.

M. Gregory Los Angeles, CA




Dear Mr. Gregory,

Thank you for your letter. Happy New Year.

No, we do not have two personalities, but we are unusual.

First, we do not deny your quote.

Second, we do not support Saddam Hussein. But we very much oppose bombing Iraq, which is a different matter. We oppose bombing and we oppose the authoritarian and racist politics of Mr. Hussein and his Arab Baath "Socialists", quotation marks intended.

Third, regarding any comparison between Milosevic and Hussein, we never made it. You have us confused with someone else.

The powers-that-be had to lie about Slobodan Milosevic to portray him as a dictator and a racist. For example, in the famous and almost-universally lied-about speech which Milosevic delivered in Kosovo on 28 June 1989, he opposed ethnic hatred. He warned against nationalism. (1)

The coalition governments which Milosevic led were based on parliamentary majorities resulting from elections. These elections took place in a country whose mass media had far greater political variety than the meda in the West. (2) And Milosevic never got 100% of the vote - something which Mr. Hussein miraculously achieved in the latest Iraqi quote unquote election.

Milosevic is demonized, that is lied about, to make him appear a demon.

Saddam Hussein is attacked, and it is possible that some things being said about him now are untrue, but some of the worst things about him are unknown to the general public. I would not say he has been demonized in the same sense.

To grasp what Hussein is, it's really only necessary to read his speeches. He sees the world as dominated by "Zionist imperialism" which translates, "The Jews." He believes in Arab supremacy. He whips people up into a real ultra-nationalist frenzy. Just compare any of his speeches (6) with Milosevic's speech at Kosovo Field in '89. (7)

I would wager that sooner or later we will learn that the CIA backed the violently anti-communist and anti-Semitic coup that brought the Arab Baath "Socialists" to power. We already know from freedom-of-information documents that the US foreign policy establishment played the anti-Semitic card in the Arab world by calling Communism a Jewish plot starting in the 1950s.

Emperor's Clothes opposes military aggression against Iraq. We do not believe for one moment that a US-led attack would liberate the much-abused people of Iraq. Moreover, the very high profile and virtually endless preparation for war against Iraq creates support for the most reactionary forces among Muslims. It seems rather obvious that the US policies of a) saber rattling against and perhaps attacking Iraq, which strengthens terrorist forces, while at the same time b) pushing for a Palestinian state, can only lead to mayhem on a grand scale.

Moreover, the saber rattling (or worse, a real war) disguises and paradoxically dovetails with the continued US/European Empire's sponsorship of Islamic Fundamentalist terror. For example, Saudi Arabia and the emirates still fund many thousands of Islamist schools indoctrinating young men in fanaticism and terror around the world (including in Arab countries!). This takes place without US government interference even though we were told by Mr. Bush that those who aid terrorism will have "no safe harbor."

The US itself continues to ship millions of Islamic Fundamentalist textbooks into an Afghanistan that is now run, under US control, by the mujihadeen. And Mr. Bush has publicly praised the contents of these textbooks, lying, as usual. (3)

We have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the text you quoted.

Saddam Hussein was raised in the household of his uncle Khayrallah Tulfah. Tulfah participated in the pro-Nazi coup and subsequent slaughter of Jews in Iraq in 1941. This was organized by that Nazi, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

Left: A picture taken in 1943 of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, reviewing Bosnian Muslim Fundamentalist troops - a unit of the "Handzar [Scimitar] Division" of the Nazi's Waffen SS which he personally recruited for Hitler.

According to the Wiesenthal Center:

"Iraqi state television, both on its terrestrial and satellite broadcasts, has initiated a new daily program dedicated to reading select paragraphs from the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion. Every evening at around 8:00pm Baghdad time the reader introduces the Protocols and presents his readings for the day." http://www.wiesenthal.com/social/press/pr_print.cfm?ItemId=6896 (4)

The Baath Party has a history of this sort of thing. After Iraq lost to Israel in the 1967 war, the Baath regime hanged as spies fourteen people, eleven of them from the ruthlessly persecuted and always-spied-on Jewish community. The Baath Party called on people to "come and enjoy the feast" and paraded 500,000 chanting demonstrators past the bodies, which were swinging on ropes. There was an international outcry, to which Baath radio responded, "We hanged spies, but the Jews crucified Christ." (5)

And that is aside from slaughtering socialists and communists and persecuting Shiites, Kurds, Assyrians - in other words, most people - and all opponents in the country. Nevertheless some non-Iraqis on the Left pay homage to Iraq and allow themselves to be used in Iraqi communiqués. And they wonder why the Left has scant credibility! This echoes the unfortunate Soviet policy of endorsing some of the worst forces in the Middle East.

As for the oft-repeated description of Iraq as a secular state, perhaps it is secular in the sense that the government is not dominated by religious leaders. But you wouldn't know it from Mr. Hussein's speeches. E.g., at the end of one speech, which includes statements such as:

"... after they cleanse the land of Palestine from Zionist desecration. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. with millions of gun-barrels, exchanging places on the battle- fronts, or being stationed where they ought to be from the start of the battle until Allah grants His final victory."

Hussein concludes with:

"Allah is Great Allah is Great Allah is Great There is no God but Allah Allah is Great Praise be to Allah." (6)

If this be secular, may God defend us from religion.

We are preparing a position paper explaining some of our thoughts on the current world situation. As we see it, there are two acceptable camps right now. Both are partly right and partly wrong and we are in neither. For example, we entirely oppose Mr. Hussein and we entirely oppose war against Iraq.

But rather than try to explain, in a few words, the complicated matter of the two camps, I will go back to drafting our paper on this subject, from which difficult task I have escaped by answering your passionate letter.

Best regards,
Jared Israel

Footnotes and Further Reading follows Judgment!

JUDGMENT! Exposes the 'Death Camp' Pictures that Fooled the World
[ To Order JUDGMENT! Skip to End of Text]


In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp.

The photos were produced by ITN, the British TV news giant, from footage shot by an ITN film crew which spent 15 hours in Bosnia.

Most of the photographs featured a tall, painfully thin man, stripped to the waist, apparently penned in behind barbed wire.

Traveling with the authorization of Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader, the ITN crew filmed at a detention center in Omarska and a refugee center in Trnopolje. The ITN photos were broadcast worldwide beginning August 6th, accompanied by sensational captions and comments.

For example Ian Williams, one of the journalists who accompanied the ITN crew, appeared on U.S. Public Television's MacNeil-Lehrer Report on August 6th. Mr. Williams referred to the Trnopolje refugee center as a "camp," as in concentration camp, saying it was "at the center of allegations of atrocities." Williams claimed that:

"Conditions at this camp were appalling. In 100 degree heat hundreds of men were forced to eat and sleep outside in the field behind barbed wire."
-- MacNeil-Lehrer Report, 6 August 1992

And indeed, the ITN photos seemed to show people living outside, caged like animals behind barbed wire. But Mr. Williams knew this impression was false. He knew the Muslim refugees were moving about freely, that they slept indoors, and that it was the ITN people who were filming from inside a small barbed wire enclosure. He knew the ITN pictures had been doctored to create the illusion of a death camp. This is proved in the Emperor's Clothes movie, JUDGMENT!

How can JUDGMENT! have proved this?

By luck, a news crew from Serbian State Television (called RTS) covered the ITN visit. They went wherever ITN went, filming what ITN filmed and filming the ITN crew as well. Thus there is a visual record of what the ITN people did and what they actually saw. Using this footage, the JUDGMENT! video shows, step by step, how pictures of a humanitarian refugee center at Trnopolje were transformed into 'death camp' photos that fooled the world.

JUDGMENT! proves that Ian Williams, now the UN correspondent for the NATION magazine, and other journalists who traveled to Bosnia with ITN, lied to the public.

Mr. Bush Responds with Superhuman Speed

On 6 August 1992, just *20 minutes* after the pictures were released, George Bush held a press conference at a Colorado Air Base:

"Reports say that 20 minutes after the ITN footage was shown in the United States, President George Bush changed his hands-off policy and promised to 'press hard for quick passage' of a UN Security Council resolution authorising the use of force in the Balkans."
-- "The Straits Times, August 16, 1992
"Holocaust images of Bosnia prison camps make the West sit up," by Lee Siew Hua

Bush demanded that the Serbs be harshly punished, including:

"tighten[ing] economic sanctions on Serbia so that all understand that there is a real price to be paid for the Serbian government's continued aggression."

Bush also announced that the U.S. would recognize Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia as independent from Yugoslavia. He thus approved the break-up of Yugoslavia and guaranteed that the Bosnian war would continue.

Consider the remarkable speed with which President Bush reacted.

Some photos are shown on TV.

Immediately, President Bush contacts his cabinet members, who, coincidentally, have also seen the photos.

They confer. Somehow they determine that the pictures are genuine.

They contact leaders of, at least, Germany and England, possibly other countries. They plan draconian anti-Serb measures including economic sanctions that will cut Serbia off from the world.

They contact congressional leaders. They agree that Bush will announce the US intent to recognize no fewer than three new Yugoslav secessionist states.

They call a press conference at a Colorado Air Base. They write a press release. They compose Mr. Bush's statement.

The mass media receives the press release. Film crews travel to the Air base and set up their equipment.

And all this is done in...20 minutes?

Isn't it more likely that the timing of the TV broadcast of these pictures was coordinated between ITN and either the State Department, the CIA or some similar body? That Bush scheduled his press conference to be held just after the pictures were shown so ordinary people would believe that these terrible pictures compelled President Bush to endorse extreme measures?

Perhaps ITN's trip to Bosnia, supposedly to "investigate claims that concentration camps had been set up" (Strait Times), was planned from the outset as a hunt for footage which could be used to produce such doctored evidence.

ITN had a prior history of aggressively anti-Serbian coverage of the break-up of Yugoslavia. So one might ask, why did the Bosnian Serb leadership give ITN access to Trnopolje and Omarska, about which the Western media (for example, NEWSDAY, 21 July 1992) were already spreading nightmare tales? Perhaps they hoped that if they just let the ITN people see for themselves, ITN would be fair. They did not comprehend the moral standards of the people with whom they were dealing.

Get a copy of JUDGMENT! If after viewing this video you don't think we've proved our case we'll refund every penny.

We cannot bring back the dead. However, we can honor them by telling the truth.

Purchase JUDGMENT!

The suggested donation for Judgment! is $25.00 within the US, $32.00 outside, including shipping. If you can donate any additional amount, please do.  We are raising money to produce the film in other languages, starting with Italian and German. 

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Footnotes & Further Reading

(1) Milosevic's 1989 speech has been entirely and consistently misrepresented. See

(2) "Media in Serbia," by Diana Johnstone can be read at

(3) "Bush & the Media Cover up the Jihad Schoolbook Scandal," by Jared Israel can be read at

(4) In response to the massive campaign underway spreading the "Protocols of Zion" hoax in the Arab world, Emperor's Clothes has produced some materials on the subject.

* We have re-published Philip Graves famous London Times articles showing how "The Protocols of Zion" was plagiarized from Maurice Joly's "Dialogues in Hell." We both scanned the originals as pdf files and transcribed them as normal text. See "The Source of "Protocols of Zion," at

We have published four pieces of our own on the Protocols:

* "'The Protocols of Zion' - Part One, Weapon Against Democracy," by Jared Israel at

* "'The Protocols of Zion,' Part Two, Illogical, Sloppy and Incoherent...," by Jared Israel at

* A discussion of why it is that to some people, who are not anti-Semites, some parts of "The Protocols" ring true. At

* A discussion of whether we are correct in saying that the Egyptian TV series, "Horseman Without a Horse," was based on the anti-Semitic hoax, the "Protocols of Zion."

(5) Judith Miller and Laurie Mylroie (1990), Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf, NY, USA: Random House, p. 34

(6) For the full text of Hussein's speech go to http://www.iraqi-mission.org/prs080802.htm [Note added April 5, 2008: That link no longer works. The speech, with 52 references to "Allah," can currently be found at Iraq Watch at http://snipurl.com/23k6q and Fox News at http://snipurl.com/23k6r
The speech is also backed up at
For a broad selection of Hussein's speeches, go to
http://www.uruklink.net/iraq/espee.htm [Note added April 5, 2008: That link no longer works. A typical speech, with 25 references to "Allah" and one to "the accursed and defiled Jews," is posted at Iraq Watch at  http://snipurl.com/23kgd Should that link die, it is backed up at http://tenc.net/a/arch/iraq-hussein-11-12-00.htm
Iraq watch has a collection of Hussein's speeches at http://snipurl.com/23kgg

 (7) Milosevic's famous 1989 speech can be read at

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