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Statement of the Daugther of General Krstic [1-23-2001]

Please, help my daddy.   My daddy, Radislav Krstic, the general of the Army of the Republic of Srpska, has been in the United Nation's confinement in Sheweningen for the past twenty six months. Right now, his health is in a very bad condition. He is an invalid, since his lower leg has been amputated, and the stump was additionally wounded in the course of his arrest. Due to the inadequate and inefficient medical treatment in the prison, the infection of the bone has developed, with the high risk of gangrene, and the above-the-knee amputation has been recommended.   My daddy justifiably fears the operation, as well as the post-operative treatment, that would take place in the environment that he is at now. A plead to all the good people, throughout the globe, to help my daddy by raising their voice.   I plead to the United Nations, to the International Red Cross, to the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.... Please, help that my daddy does not die in Sheweningen. I addess the Board of Judges of the Hague Tribunal, and to the prosecutors in my daddy's process   - do not say that he 'refuses to use the prothesis'- no, he can not wear it, it hurts,
- do not say that he 'does not want to drink your medicines'- no, you have overdosed him so that he fainted,
- do not tell him to flush his wounds by water - no, there is no such thing in the world. And so much more.   That is why I appeal to you to let my daddy to try to get his cure in his country. As a guarantee, I offer to stay in his cell until he returns to Sheweningen to prove his innocence.  

His only daughter,
Tamara Krstic

Belgrade, 22. 01. 2001.